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Ne-Yo reveals what it's like to work with 'inspiring' Jennifer Lopez
World of Dance is a competition show like no other. “Besides the amazing dancing there is a serious emotional connection that happens with this show,” Ne-Yo told HOLA! USA on Monday, May 15 at the NBC Upfront presentation in New York City. “Dance is a universal language and you don’t have to know anything about dance to appreciate dance and that is just the beauty of it and the things happening on the stage. Things you haven’t seen before. Things I didn’t even know were possible with the human body.”
Ne-Yo said working with Jennifer Lopez is "inspiring" Photo: HOLA! USA
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The Grammy-award winning singer will join Derek Hough and Jennifer Lopez on the judging panel in the upcoming series, hosted by Jenna Dewan Tatum. Sitting next to 'Jenny from the Block' all day gave the Champange Life singer a little extra hustle. “JLo is one of the hardest working, I don’t want to say women, she is one of the hardest working people in show business,” Ne-Yo said. “Just being around her period is inspiring.”
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